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All paddle craft can enter.  SUP, Kayak, Prone, Outrigger, Surfski, and Canoe.  We also have classes for both solo and Tandem

The craft you start with must be the craft you finish with unless you have sustained serious damage to that craft.  If you change during the challenge you must inform the Race Director and present the damaged craft as soon as you finish the race for inspection

You are allowed to take assistance with food, hydration and with board carrying at portages.

We will have checkpoints at every event and all checkpoints will have food and water.  We do ask that paddlers only have one bottle of water at each checkpoint to allow enough for all paddlers participating.  Most of the races will have water taps along the route to refill hydration packs

We recommend shore support but it is not compulsory.  The race organisers can take bags to checkpoints for paddlers and we will have volunteers to assist paddlers along the route

At registration of each event we will arrange shuttles for people and will ensure no one is left without transport.  Shuttles are at no cost to the paddlers

Any paddler under the age of 16 will need to paddle with an adult and the adult will be responsible for their safety.  The under 16 paddler will paddle for free, with only the adult paying for event entry

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